2012 Ride for Miracles Set to Begin May 4th

Scott Ressmeyer and 13 other Miracle Riders are riding through all 48 lower states in 21 days to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center. This is the fourth year that Scott has taken this journey, and in only the first three years Scott’s Ride for Miracles has raised over $280,000 for CMN! Ultimately, Scott and the Miracle Riders have pledged to raise $1 million over the course of the ride’s history.

The Miracle Riders leave on Friday, May 4 for their journey across the country and will return on Friday, May 25. Check in each day of the ride for new posts, pictures and videos!  Tune in to WTVM and PMB Broadcasting stations for daily updates about the ride and hear a live report from Scott and the Miracle Riders.

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  1. Cindy Jolley says:

    This day starts with bitter sweetness as I see the excitement on the faces of Mike and Cody. Yesterday, filled with safety checks on the motorcycles, a dear friend installing additional break lights on the Harley’s, receiving influx of calls from friends and family, visiting love ones in the hospital and praying for our dear friend in Hospice. How grateful I am for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office staff, deputies, jailors, and their generosity and care for the community on a daily basis and the Harris County community business leaders, church families, neighbors and friends. Our hearts, overflow with emotions as we remind ourselves of the many children in the hospital and those requiring care in the future. We pray for the power of God’s healing hands over all physically suffering. We enjoy the laughter and forthcoming pranks of the riders and recalling the stories of the previous ride. What a great day, the first of many! While daily we are grateful for our military as they serve this Nation, I am thankful that each year a few more men with giant hearts join the Miracle Rider’s Posse to care, serve, and unite people through giving and service. Ride on Miracle Riders, Ride On!

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