Life Support (Mike Langford)

They asked us to go ahead and put something on the blog for you good folks to read. So here goes!

In case you are wondering who “they” are, it’s the nice ladies at Rider Headquarters, AKA The Columbus Regional Medical Foundation.

Karen Cook still has the big office and everyone calls her boss. She has already started worrying and telling us to go easy on the rookies.

Anna Crossley is semi new this year; she has the title of Manager, Children’s Miracle Network and tells us where to go (literally) and when to be there. She was in the background last year trying to decide if they paid her enough to get involved with us. I guess they do.

And the person who really runs everything is Sandy Lewack. If we need anything we talk to her after everybody else says ok so we know it will get done. Always there, always smiling, always with a cheerful word. And she keeps the candy dish full.

Of course there are others at HG but these ladies are our lifelines before, during, and after the ride. We could not do it without them.

We have another newbie on the team this year as well. Carrie Standridge did a great job making sure we had rooms all over the country the last three years. After last years ride she and her husband had an opportunity to move to Colorado for new jobs and they are all settled in across the country now. She is still involved but not as much as before, hard to do some of this stuff from 2,000 miles away.

Stepping in for Carrie locally this year is Susan Edmundson from the Painted Rock HOG Chapter here in Columbus. We asked if she could help us out and she did not hesitate. She has worked very hard at getting us good accommodations at good prices. Also managed to get us a few free meals thrown in and put together a fund raiser for the ride on April 20th.  You have no idea how good it feels to know when you stop in Nowhere SD after riding 500 miles that a room is waiting for you. Thanks for your work.

So these are just five of the folks that you don’t see or hear about, and there are many more I did not name. They don’t get their picture on the billboards, they don’t get on TV or radio, and they don’t get their pictures in the newspaper and go to city council to be given fancy plaques. But they should! If you see any of these folks, tell them thanks.

We are in the final countdown now, bags being packed, bikes being serviced, routes being looked at again, Gary getting up to speed to take Mark’s geek job this year, and Brad putting together the rookie checklist. A couple of more weeks and it will be Miracle Friday again and we will be off.

If you can come by for the send off at the Medical Center, please do. It is a great boost to the riders knowing so many are behind us at home. And also be sure to circle May 24 on the calendar. We will ride into Uptown and it is fantastic to see the entire area jammed with people. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Dean Chalkley Mason says:


  2. Roxann Suits says:

    As always, you guys are awesome! Buster Brown and I will be there with bells on! Keep Larry awake, Mike!

  3. Karen Cook says:

    I love these guys!!!

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