What it’s all about (Mike Langford)

mike and martin

To end as I started, who would have thought back in November of 2009 when I was asked if I wanted to go on a little ride that it would be four years long and now almost 40,000 miles long? Not me!

I thought back then that this would be something if we could pull it off. The first time with 11 guys going 10,000 miles just didn’t seen like it could really be done. I knew that we would have all kinds of problems, maybe even a serious one. We made it in 2010 and now we have done it 3 more times without serious problems. Is there an unseen Miracle Rider watching over us?

Back then I didn’t really understand what we were doing. It was just a great excuse to ride for 3 weeks and see the country. Then I started to meet the folks that benefit from what we do. It didn’t take long for the real reason for doing this to hit me.

Because of this ride we have been able to visit hospitals, meet the doctors and nurses that give their all to kids who don’t really have much of a chance without them. We have met the kids also. I will never forget the young boy who was playing with a toy motorcycle when we walked in his room. Or the young man who thought it best that he escape while we were keeping everyone busy. Or the young girl who was too shy to speak until we talked with her for a while. And of course there was Peanut and now our newest Miracle Rider Martin.

And then there is Collette. You know the story by now. Mom goes into labor very early, doctors where she is give her no hope so she comes to Columbus because she knows there is a Children’s Miracle Network hospital here. The Doctors here give her enough hope that she hangs on and is bed ridden for weeks. Baby is delivered and doctors give her a 1% chance to be healty. We met Collette in Redding, CA, where the family now lives. A smiling, chubby cheek, adorable little one that at this point is 100% perfect.

That’s what the ride is about!

Next year we will again ask all our family, friends, and neighbors to write the checks. We will spend a lot of time taking pictures and doing videos. We will go to meetings and talk to people about what we are doing. We will do whatever has to be done to again be able to help give the kids a chance.

To all of you who take sponsorship roles, to all of you folks who just want to write a check to help out or drop the dollars in a collection bucket, we thank you. I hope you realize that what we do is just a small part of this, what you do is the real reason a child can be given hope.

I will be back next year and as long as it takes. And I hope all of you are back with us as well.

Thanks,   Mike

2 Responses to What it’s all about (Mike Langford)

  1. Karen Cook says:

    Mike, believe it or not I’ve already taken a call from a children’s hospital that wants you guys to visit them next year. Does this mean the 2014 planning has already begun?

  2. Roxann Suits says:

    Hard to believe that it has come and gone again. You guys are very special and the amount that was raised this year is phenomenal!

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