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Watch Scott and The Miracle Riders’ Progress!

Watch Scott and The Miracle Riders’ progress across the 48 States via several of our media friends. Watch WTVM News Leader 9 and visit their website ! Hear interviews along the way on Kissin’ 99.3, Q107.3, 95.3 The Ride and 103.7 Lite FM. And read the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and visit for more photos and interviews! Scott and The Miracle Riders will be calling in to give interviews about the people they meet along the way and the children they meet at CMN hospitals across the country.

8 Responses to Follow Scott via Media

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks, we will be in your neighborhood Sat-Sun and I will let you know about where we can meet. No problem with riding with us for as long as you like. Look forward to seeing you.


  2. Joe & Kathy Alexander says:

    It is great to watch you on SPOT. We can zoom in close, then switch to satellite view and see the motel or gas station where you stopped.

  3. Larry says:

    Its now Monday afternoon and I cant stay away from watching the SPOT tracking device, its neat watching progress youll are making. Stay safe and hopefully the mechanical problems are behind you’ll.

  4. angie blount says:

    mike langford, i am so proud of you and all the guys! yall are the coolest… RIDE SAFE! love to all of you

  5. Mike Hamby says:

    Thanks Rebecca.
    When I first got involved I had no idea of the level of what I was signing onto. Not only is Scott committed to CMN and the kids a The Medical Center, but they are some very serious riders. They don’t play. We are supposed to make it to Amerillo, Tx by tonight.
    We are expecting rain and are going to try to skirt the bad weather in Mo, Ok.
    And to all Mothers,
    Have A Great MOTHERS’ DAY!!!!!

  6. scott says:

    rebecca all of us riders feel the same about the work y’all do at columbus regional

  7. rebecca says:

    Today..I took the time to step away from my work at Columbus Regional to watch the departure. Inspiring is not an adequate description! This made my day and certainly put life in perspective!

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