Brothers in Service-Mike Hamby


When you sign up to ride with Scott there are 2 things you need to understand. 1- You’re all in or not at all And 2- Its all about the ride and not the destination. Being a Miracle Rider gives me the ability to give back to do something bigger than myself, which is something i think everyone should feel an obligation to do. Max Lucado wrote a book entitled, Its not about me. Service, get out of your comfort zone, do something that doesn’t benefit you! I’m reminded of theĀ  Bible story where Jesus washed the feet of his deciples as an example of Christian Service. If everyone would serve one… Day 14 wow, the days are clicking off so fast. It’s off to Souix City, IA Have a Blessed day.

5 Responses to Brothers in Service-Mike Hamby

  1. Watson mckemie says:

    Good word Mike, very inspiring.

  2. JONI says:


  3. Sandy says:

    Mike Hamby, as Scott says, “It comes from the heart”. Open your heart and you will feel and see that giving back gives you a good feeling and warms your soul. You guys take giving back/service to the ultimate limit and it is bigger than you could ever imagine. You guys ROCK!!!

  4. Rochelle says:

    you got it from your first ride, Mike. So glad you are a part of this adventure. Gonna check out that book as I do know we were meant for service even though we sometimes get in our own way and need gentle reminders. Great post.

  5. Sandra Langford says:

    You, too, Mike Hamby, have the big picture. The “all about me” ones are the ones left out of enjoying life to the fullest. Making someone else happy or feel cared about is the ultimate. So glad you are riding this year!

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