Day 15- Mike Hamby


Whew! Is this Scott’s Ride or the Cannonball Run. Yesterday after a great hospital visit at St Luke’s in Souix City, Io, we still had almost 600 miles of road to burn. But we did it, got in a bit late and all is well. Im always amazed at how the landscape changes from one day to the next . Once we turned back to the east through Washington, Idaho and Montana, the majestic mountains slowly gave way to the rolling hill country of S Dakota, to the grassey plains of Nebraska. The immense beauty and vastness of this great land of ours is breath taking. It inspires me to do what i do, give back what i can so the next generation can take the touch of freedom to do their part. KSU 8AM. Got to go Do your part for the kids today.

3 Responses to Day 15- Mike Hamby

  1. Sandra Langford says:

    Glad you are experiencing all the facets of the ride, Mike. Soon you will be in the flatlands and then home. It’s an amazing country, isn’t it?

  2. Cathy Stinson says:

    We do have a beautiful country! Thanks for what you do!

  3. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    ya’ll have hearts of gold and butts for steel! Ha-Ha

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