Day 19 Video

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  1. Christy Armentrout says:

    I love watching these videos! The white shirt is getting filled up! I’ll tell ya something, the guys don’t ride because they have to, it’s because they WANT to! We will see y’all tomorrow! God Bless♡♡♡♡

  2. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Super job, Gary. Love the song…so fitting. We are all changed because of this ride and the people we have met on the 7 ride journey. God Bless. my keyboard is wet!!!!

  3. Jody Perewitz says:

    You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for coming by the shop. Great job on video’s Gary!

  4. Earlene says:

    Ok Gary you still doing a wonderful job “WOWING” us here lol Love this song it gave me chills. Love you guys and so proud for what you do and stand for…and to add real men can wear pink lol

  5. Freda Brock says:

    Beautiful song.

  6. Karen says:

    Should I ask what’s going on here? 🙂

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