— Remembering Our Fallen Brothers —

The Miracle Ride brotherhood has lost 2 members since it began in 2009. Larry Suits and Martin Thiele.

Larry Suits 3.jpg

Larry Suits

He rode with the Miracle Riders for 2 years, crossing the United States on his bright orange Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.  He passed away following complications from heart surgery in 2014. Larry’s ashes were scattered in every state in the lower 48 in the spirit of adventure he so loved. He will always be a member of the brotherhood, and forever a Miracle Rider.

Martin Thiele

The Riders met him when touring the pediatrics floor at Midtown Medical Center, when he was just a teenager.   He was curious about these men in black dusters and despite his own battle with cancer wanted to learn more about The Miracle Ride.  Martin lived a life so full of compassion for others and joy for adventure he was made an honorary Miracle Rider and spent a day on the road with the ride in Montana in 2014.  Martin lost his battle with cancer in 2015 but not before changing everyone who met him.

Added NOTE:

When Andrew Wade was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager he pointed first to Martin Thiele as his inspiration for persevering through the tough road of cancer treatment and intense physical therapy.  Andrew is now in remission and has regained the use of his legs. Andrew was made an honorary rider filling the space made vacant at the loss of Martin.  Andrew embodies the same strength and positive energy as the riders and Martin. He was awarded his own duster and hat when the Scott’s Ride Fund was established in the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley in November of 2015.