“I see it this way. We are only here for a very short time, and I plan on making the most of it.  If I’m lucky, a child that we have helped will one day ride his or her Harley across the country and watch the sun set over the Pacific, and know that the people of this world are good.”  Scott Ressmeyer

It continues to be an incredible adventure thanks to YOU!  You have cheered us on, followed our journeys and most importantly believed in the lives of children who need our help; believing they are valuable and deserve love and encouragement. Your gifts of time, talent, prayers and donations humble us. We tell the story; YOU are making the difference in one child’s life.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Scott Ressmeyer, Rick Stinson, Mark Alexander, Brian Brock, Pat Carpenter, Doug Colburn, James Cole, Mike Cunningham, Ray Eckel, Billy Edmundson, Jonnie Ellerbee, Mike Frank, Vernon Griggs, Mike Hamby, Brad Hansen, Dave Hinson, Cody Jolley, Mike Jolley, Ralph Kingrey, Mike Langford, James Leatherwood, Hank Lewis, Gary McDowell, David McNeil, Brice Patterson, Walt Rosso, Kevin Simms, Steve Tennant, Ken Tidwell, Andrew Wade, Ronnie Wilson, Tim Wynn,*Andy Whatley, *Joel Reed, *Jerry Gilliland, *M2 and those we lost, Larry Suits and Martin Thiele.

*Photo taken on the front porch of Arabella, the Methodist Youth home for girls.

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