Day 2 is in the books - 560 or so miles, through Ohio and Michigan. The temperatures were a lot cooler today, even when it wasn't raining. Today was the second time I've experienced McDonald;s fast food on a Scott's Ride, and I'm hoping the trend stops here. A big part of the fun is discovering new places to eat, and sharing local food with the guys. But when we're stopped for gas, and Scott can't find a BBQ restaurant, there aren't a whole lot of options. Especially in rural Michigan,

I knew it was going to be a rough day when Gary was bent over at the rain stop by the side of the road. While the rest of us were suiting up, he was ... well, you'll have to ask him about that. Let's just say that I was the unofficial videographer, because Gary was relaxing in the truck. We'll see whether he can make a daily video with the footage I shot. 

It's a great ride, of course, and the fellowship on the road is the best part.  I love the solitude of riding a motorcycle - just me, the bike and the road. but pulling into a gas staion, or the Jerky Outlet, and sharing the laughs and camaraderie, just cant'be matched. And getting to tell the story about why we're riding - for Arabella House and Carpenter's Way - well, there's just nothing like it

Tomorrow's another day - pray for us, and if you haven't already, hit the Donate button!