Whew...today was unique. I'll let the others give you the details, but, I survived. Today I offer you more perspective. Perspective I don't have so I asked for help. This is from Ginny Patterson, otherwise know as Mamma Cat's daughter. 

When growing up, I felt like I had a normal childhood and family. My dad was in the Army and my mom stayed at home. We moved about every 3 years, which was hard but we got used to it. Throughout all the moves, and weeks or months at a time that my dad was in the field, my mom was home with us. My parents had a good partnership, but honestly, my mom was in charge. 😃 She not only cooked, cleaned, and shuttled my sisters and I to activities, she mowed grass, plunged clogged toilets, and fixed sinks. She could do anything that needed to get done and knew the answers to all my questions. The world today sometimes gets really worked up about letting girls know they can do anything they want, and having women in certain roles. This seemed odd to me at first because but I NEVER thought I couldn't do something because I was a girl. That's because I know my mom can do anything, and she raised me, so I can do anything. 

When I became a mom, my husband and I had our own parenting style, but I still sought my mom's thoughts and opinions on parenting. I have 2 girls of my own and pray that I can be as great a mom to them as my mom is to me. This is no easy task with all the new articles, blogs, and studies there are on how to be a good mother. Technology, gadgets, social media, and society opinions are hard to ignore.  Despite all that, I learned (from my mom) that the best thing I can give my kids is my love, my time, and my support.   She may not know it, but she continues to remind of that as my girls get older. 

Love, time, support......These are the things that the children, who are supported by The Methodist Youth Home, need too. Supporting this ride helps children receive the best we can offer them and set them up for an amazing future. 

So I get to choose the song of the day...no brainer...867-5309...let me know when you get it...