This morning the riders received a message that makes hard miles and horrible weather all worth it.  They gathered for their morning briefing and over the phone hooked to Ronnie's speakers I read to them; it had come only moment earlier. The silence at the end was complete.  I hope the road will be a little better today.  I know their spirits are renewed.  Here it is.

Hey Friends...Alison here...CEO of The Methodist Home.  I am in awe of you and your determination to press on for our kids.  Thank you for your sheer GRIT and incredible love.  I have been reading your blogs - the journey through one person's eyes. It truly reminds me of our kids.  While you all see the same scenery, critters, roads and rivers, you each navigate it individually.  However, there is something magical, indeed binding, when you experience the comfort of being in the group...the fellowship, and the feeling you are not alone.  I was especially moved by the amount of rain and the terrain, the condition of the roads - it keeps you mega-alert...probably another similarity for our kids in their journey.  You understand the value of a good night's rest when you have been tense all day, wondering what comes next.  If you didn't know the true meaning of why you are on this journey, I pray you do now.  Seeing life as our kids may experience it is invaluable to understanding their young lives.  YOU are helping us provide them with a good night of rest, a safe and healthy place to call home. God Bless you and thank you for sharing the road with our kids!          Alison

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