Rooming with James Cole again. He was getting dressed this morning and asked if he needed a sweater today?? Remember now, he is riding in the geezer mobile with Vern.

All in all the bikes are holding up well to all this torture we are putting them thru. A couple of shifters, a couple of broken lights, a gas leak, a couple of air shocks leaking. Not too bad, better than some of the old bodies riding them.

Several guys are moving a little slow, a few with sore body parts, and instead of looking for beer store, drug stores are in high demand. Aleve is like gold.

A few guys also left home without all the cold weather gear. It is summer after all. You can pick them out easily, they are blue.

Tonight we get to Fairbanks. Tomorrow we get the little off road bikes and do last 200 miles to the circle. At that point 5 of us will have ridden from Key West to the Arctic Circle in 13 days. How cool is that?