Made it to Bozeman, Montana! What was supposed to be a 500 mile day turned into 580 through the miracle of alternate routes. Once again, we met interesting people along the way. Pictured is Sarah who owns no other vehicle than her Suzuki 1200 motorcycle. She was headed to a wedding and volunteered that she was doing her PhD in distracted driving and the effects of marijuana on driving. We thought we could help and suggested she watch the movie Cheech & Chong, Still Smokin' and include a quote from it in her thesis. I like that we can help people we meet along the way.

Going through US Customs was a welcome wait! It's good to be back in the States. The line was about a quarter mile long but a nice gentleman informed us that lane two was open and we skipped to the front. Upon arrival at the short line two, they opened lane three and we went through with ease.

There was a mixup with the reservations so most of us aren't actually staying at My Place shown in the picture. I guess "My Place" refers to someone else and not us. Perhaps "Not My Place" or "Someone Else's Place" would be a more fitting name for the hotel.

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