Karen T...know that we love you, and hope you feel better every day.

When we leave out there are a lot of riders that are not going on the full trip. We line up however we arrive. The first day or two the riding order is different. You have to be careful...you're not sure who you are riding around. It was the second day somewhere in Michigan when I saw what I was looking for, a blue bike, Rick. When I was FINALLY riding with him it felt comfortable. When he heard my pipes, he turned, looked and smiled, he too knew I was there, and he was comfortable too

I'm rooming with Brad this year, he's a great guy, and we get along great. But there is something difficult watching the man you have slept with for the last three rides disappear into a hotel room with another man. Jonnie, you have big shoes to fill, take care of him.

Our rookie Doug is doing a fine job. He holds a good line and is predictable, which is good when riding. Being in the healthcare industry he wants to make sure we stay hydrated. He's funny, intelligent and a real asset to the ride. But no one listens to him, he's a rookie.

I miss my pillow, the Braves, puppy Marlee, my grandson Brody, John & Meagan, Katie and Josh, but Linda most of all.

The roads in Canada and Alaska are ROUGH. The key is when the road changes color. Something is different. Could be good, could be bad, but it had your attention. Back in the lower 48 the roads are outstanding. But when it changes color all I see are brake lights flashing and guys scattering all over the road. Me too, I'm conditioned, color change, watch out.

Leaving the Little Big Horn battlefield was tough. European Americans were not kind to Native Americans. Lots of reflection after that. Leaving Sturgis was easy. Just too many bikes and people of unknown abilities mixing in with us.

Got to ride up front today. It was fun for a little bit, but I wanted to go back to the back, where the cool kids ride. And can you believe we hit more wet dirt roads with loose gravel!!!

We need to take back the word sleep...it means close your eyes and get some rest, that's all.

Today's song of the day..."I was driving home, early Sunday morning through Bakersfield"...Far Away Eyes by The Rolling Stones...

OMG...this just happened...it's 11:55 PM here...Brad and I are writing our posts...he gets in the shower as I'm completing this. I need to go get something off the bike. I pull the door shut behind me...boom no key...so I'm sitting outside, in the Badlands SD...laughing my butt off..because now I'm a creeper waiting for Brad to get out of the shower and let me back in...whew, he's a good guy...I'm such a dumba**...never mind if you're still reading this you know me and are not surprised...