What is on your mind? Are you wondering if you can get home in time to cut the grass? Are you looking at 4 or 5 piles of laundry that need to be done? Are you trying to figure out how to juggle the soccer game, ballet class and still have time to watch the ball game on Saturday? You are trying your best to be in control of your days? But this month a tiny premature infant left the hospital and didn’t go home but instead went to a loving foster family willing to feed, nurture and hold him. Last night a child went to bed only to be taken away in the dead of night to a safer place than their home, and all they felt was fear. And in hospitals in Amarillo Texas, Sioux City Iowa and Columbus Georgia a mom is resting her head on the foot of the hospital bed that holds her very sick child and cries. The people affected in these stories aren’t trying to control their lives they are just hanging on. The Miracle Riders started out on a fun trip with great destinations ahead. They didn’t know what those destinations were but it was going to be good. They have hit some real highs and some lows and struggles but none greater than the children they ride for. You see, while you and I continue to control our lives we need to remember we are the fortunate ones. Maybe we just need to let go sometimes and enjoy the unexpected and be thankful.