Day two started out with breakfast at Waffle House and a half rainbow just before getting on the bikes.   About 20 minutes down the road was a yard/craft sale with an antique car show. Brice has a passion for antique cars and has a few “projects “ of his own so he did a u turn and back to the car show.   Turned out to be a fundraiser for the middle school cheerleaders.  After some face painting, test drives of new vehicles, rookies making a purchase, and of course walking around the old cars and sharing our story with a few we were back on the road.   Nice ride along the coast for most of the morning to the “bridge”.  If you’ve never been across a 24 mile draw bridge on a motorcycle, I would highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. Oyster house for lunch, continuing West, but on the interstate.  Some big dark clouds, and you immediately see the wall of rain, knowing your gonna get soaked with this one.   Sure enough.  It was cooling and refreshing though.  Continuing Into Lake Charles.  First dinner attempt was Buffalo Wild Wings via hotel shuttle.  We learned of an hour and a half wait.  Scratch that idea.   Call the shuttle back and take us to Darryl’s.  (Called ahead and had reservations).  Ana was a little overwhelmed, but did a good job.  Back to the hotel and get a group text that kickstands up at 7:30, having already had breakfast.  Wait a minute, must be new sheriff in town or at least new leader.  Sheriff is our leader for day 3.   More later.  Steve.