Dear Miracle Makers -   I wanted to write and make sure as many of you, your families, and wonderful friends saw this post. 

OUR children are truly blessed by you!  2017 saw the Miracle Ride of all RIDES...the ARCTIC CIRCLE!  Your commitment went further, harder, longer than any before...and we are so blessed by you!
Thank you for your perseverance, your dedication and your love for our teens!  The kids we work with often believe they are on their journey alone.  You proved to them that the most challenging journeys often lead to the most valuable rewards.  You example also showed them that "together is better than alone." 
So as Christmas draws near - thank you for being "together with them".  Your sacrifices, and the constant support of your families and friends, not only taught us valuable lessons for life, but also made a significant, HUGE, WONDERFUL gift of financial support to make OUR children's lives so much better. 
Words alone cannot convey our gratitude for choosing to support  OUR HOUSE!  I wish you could see my heart - it is exploding with THANKS for your AMAZING love and support.
May GOD bless and protect each of you - YOUR gift is for HIS children and we are truly blessed.
MERRY, MERRY Christmas! - Warmly, Alison