It’s that time of the year where we spend a great deal of time giving, whether that be from our talents or treasures. I thought I would think of and share one of the many times I witnessed an act of giving while on the road.

I have been fortunate enough to ride the 48 states 5 times and ride to the Acrtic Circle and back so there are many acts of giving I can choose from. But I am going to tell of a time that many of the riders have forgotten, but will remember after I tell it.

One leg of our 48 state route took us through Belle Fourche, SD. We stopped every year in Belle Fourche at Jumpin Jacks for fuel and something to eat. I don’t remember what year it was but there would have been between 12 and 16 of us in the group.

After we all had eaten, we made our way to the register to pay. We are generally always on separate tickets so it takes a bit of time to get everyone paid. As we are standing in line, a short gentleman comes up to the end of the line. This guy looks like a “Tim Conway” wearing a cowboy hat, shirt, cowboy boots and “SHORTS”! Someone says, “Let this gentleman through to the top of the line or he will be here forever”. Immediately, Ronnie yells out, “Give me his ticket, I will pay for his lunch”. After some reluctance and coercive discussion, the man gives Ronnie his lunch tab. Then the man asks the question we get everywhere, “Who are you guys and where are you going?”  We tell him our story of riding the 48 states for kids back home. He thanked us for what we do, reached into his pocket and hands us $200 for the kids. Wow!

Buying that gentleman’s lunch was not Ronnie’s way of trying to get a donation. He did so as an act of giving. These guys I ride with are all like that. They are a great group of givers whether from their talents or treasures.

And the gentleman in the cowboy hat. We have met so many people like this. This is just one of many acts of giving we have encountered during our journeys across this great country.