As I think back on the first Miracle Ride that I was on I was excited about the sights and the places that we would visit, I would get to see all 48 states and different sights as we would travel  I would see different billboards of all the tourist attractions advertising thinking that we would stop and do theses but we kept passing them up finally some one said over the CB radio that if I would look to my left about 40 miles I could see the Grand Canyon I was getting a little disappointed about not seeing the different attractions. But when we made our first stop to the Children's Hospital and saw the kids there with a tear in my eye I said this is better than any tourist attraction that I missed on our journey. I am so blessed to have been on all of the different rides over the years, yes I would have loved to stopped and seen the different attractions, but I wouldn't have traded it for the looks and joy from watching these children that we visited. As for me I'm a better man after each that we made.