We have been fortunate to meet many great people because of The Ride. We got to meet our US Congressman on the steps of the capitol. We got to meet baseball player, manager and commentator Bobby Valentine at his restaurant. We got to meet a kid named Martin, another named Andrew and one named Cooper. Recently we got to meet Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, the man behind the great movie Rudy. During Rudy's speech he talked about perseverance, attitude and hard work. None of those three matter, and cannot create results. He made it clear it takes a dream. Not vision, that's corporate mumbo jumbo for someone who thinks they know the way. A dreamer has no idea where they are going. They know why. The next part is when. And if you have the dream, when is right now.


Scott had a dream. Let's raise one million dollars for children in Columbus. Then a few other guys shared his dream, and then a few others. In 2015, the million was surpassed, by 20%. We had a big celebration, mission accomplished. It didn't feel right though. A part of me was not satisfied. Scott and the rest of the guys had that same feeling. We had so much more to do. What do you do when you achieve a dream? Have another dream!!!! And that is where we are today. We have a dream. We have no idea where we are going next year. We only know that we are going, and we know why. To make a difference in one child's life.