We are all faced with them everyday. Let's just say I have made some good ones and I have made some bad ones. I'm sure who ever reads this will have to agree with the that about their own life. Riding with this group of guys has definitely been one of my better one's. Now let's talk about yesterday's decision, not so good. We woke up to light clouds with a storm off to the west. Being the meteorologist that I am, I made the decision to have breakfast first and then hit the road. My radar skills told me that the storm would pass by the time we were done eating. We finished breakfast and headed across the Bridge with just a light mist in the air. Just as we made it over the bridge we made a turn to the west and that's when it just didn't look just right. I fired up the ol weather radar on the phone and it confirmed what I was looking at, big dark clouds, Where did those come from? After further studying and calculations I made the decision that we would most likely get a little wet. The way the storm was moving in contrast to way the road looked on the radar we would be out of in just a few minutes. So my decision was to ride thru it without stopping to put on rain suits, bad decision!!!!! I got wet in places that I didn't think it was possible to get wet in. To make matters even worse I swear I think that I must have had a homing device on my bike because that dark cloud started moving west over the top of us for 150 miles, which was our first gas stop. At the stop I told the guys it might be a good idea to put on our rain suits, really bad decision. The looks said it all as they were their dripping water from places I didn't think you could get wet. So much for my weather career