It was on our mind all day. Would we all make it across, but more importantly would the trailer make it across? At every gas stop it was the topic of conversation. Who would make it thru with just a few questions and who would have to go to the back room and get the interrogation? Now you can only imagine the stories of the back room interrogations that were being told from the guys. You could see the whites of their eyes when stripped search was brought up and all the numerous places they would have to look. After all we have all been told about Mike J and Ronnie's last adventure across the boarder. Mike just being Mike cost him and Ronnie a few hours in the back room according to Ronnie. I'm not sure but I bet they both were just being their self and joking at the border check in station. Either way it was two hours in the back room which neither one of them say much about what happened back there which in turn has made us all nervous. The only thing said from either one of them is they don't play.
We have had several conversations on the best way to cross and came to the conclusion that we will go across as a group, not sure why but that is the plan. Now this border crossing is in the middle of no where so if we or one of us gets turned back I'm not sure where we will have to go to find a place to sleep. I'm the first in line at the check point and I don't see any Gaurd dogs or machine guns like some of the stories that were told. What I did see was a very young fellow ( I'm old so they all look young)with a big smile and a funny accent who said welcome to Canada. 
After a few more questions he told me to have a good day and a good trip AEH
Only three more boader crossings. 
Side note!!! I'm sure when we get back there will be a few stories of the back room interrogations.