Today was my roomies birthday. It was kick stands up at 7:00 AM. Precisely at 6:00 AM Steve Tennant started the avalanche of texts to Brad wishing him a happy birthday. Brad was hoping to avoid all the attention...not in this group buddy...thanks Steve. I was able to find a picture on line of Brad riding...I wasn't even out of bed and told him sorry...I gotta share this picture.

This year having a July ride has changed so much. It just doesn't feel right, this should be May. But, here we are, in Canada...heading to Alaska.

Birthdays mean a lot to me. Time together means a lot to me. Missing time together kills me. As you read this I will be missing my son's birthday for the first time in 31 years. I'm out here with his blessing. He knows and understands. Is it sacrifice or commitment? More on that later.

John I miss you, and love you. Beers at your house when I get home.


Today's song of the day...Enter Sandman by Metallica...I still get chicken skin from the concert...