Day 5 and I'm just now writing ? What's up with that? I'll tell you what. My butt is being kicked... but in a good way, like the kind of tired you get after a good work out tired.

I joined this "Band of Desperados" back in 2010, cause I like the way Scott thinks.

Make a difference in one Child's Life, its just that simple.

We as a band of Brothers are riding over 500 miles a day to do one thing, draw attention to Our House, Inc

I've had all sorts of comments from, y'all are crazy, to anybody can just sit there and ride a motor for 21 days.


We are on a mission, and with a little luck and God we will finish on time. 5 days out and tonight in Lloydminister, Alberta.

I know this is short but I'm falling asleep here....

Keep reading the blogs spread the word so everyone is aware and go to