For the last two days we have been making our way up through Canada's Provinces. At first the terrain is much like North Dakota, flat as a fritter, but gradually gave way to gently rolling hills. It goes without saying that it is all, with exception to the mining and oil drilling, absolutely breath taking. Green verdant hills, and lots and lots and lots of canola seeds, except they are beautiful yellow carpets of canola seeds. Go look in your kitchen cabinets right now, ill bet you have a bottle of canola oil. Well chances are it came from Canada, and I saw it.

We covered another 560 miles today, and even though I'm tired and dirty and ready to hit the sack, I sit here and ponder what it must be like for kids .

To have parents that do not and cannot love them, to the point of having to be removed from the home, and its worth every mile to try and let them know how much we Love and care for them, and support them.

As we journey to Alaska I hope you will check out these rider blogs, and find it in your hearts to make a donation in order to make a difference in one Childs life

Mike Hamby