Made it into Destruction Bay, Yukon this evening about 6:30 PM local time after a 430 mile ride. We had rain and drizzle much of the way but it cleared for the last 60 miles.

It was. less technical ride today with better roads (not much sudden gravel mixed in the with pavement) and no major construction.  The curves were sweeping and the elevation changes were less dramatic. We were warned about the frost heaves of which there are many but they are marked with yellow "wave in the road" signs and/or little red flag markers. If you aren't watching and hit a frost heave at speed some of them will launch you like motorcross which isn't cool on a Harley.

We met a lot of interesting and very friendly people along the way! Some of the are even more intense than us. Gou from China is riding his bike from Deadhorse, Alaska to Panama. Sam and Taryn are riding theirs from Vancouver to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and then on to the southern most tip of South America. That is the northern most to the southern most points of the Americans. Oh, and Gou's bike is bicycle - the peddle kind. Sam and Taryn are riding on-road/off-road motorcycles. We have seen many more BMW, Kawasaki, and Yamaha "enduro" touring bikes than Harley bikes up here.

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