First, let me make it clear, I did not get Karen's daughter, Ginny's number from a it from Facebook.

Normally I let the other guys tell you about the ride, of the is my turn. When we got west of Edmonton, away from the farming, the scenery changed. Mountains, valleys, rivers, goodness there are named creeks every mile. We go up, we go down, curves, great riding. Go look up Muncho Lake in British Columbia on Google Earth. Beautiful teal blue water, Ronnie said sea foam green and Doug wants to know when Ronnie and I are picking out wall paper...more on that later. Rushing rivers into big lakes, I really would like to spend more time here. 

As we are riding through this stunning scenery at eighty fi...seventy fi...the posted speed limit, it is raining. The road is sometimes muddy, always wet, tar snakes in every turn. Oh yea, we are right on a river, so one bad move and your bike is at the bottom of a lake, or a canyon. The Canadians do a wonderful job of marking the roads, they let you know there is "loose gravel" everywhere. Cars are zooming past in a curve, on a mountain, in a no passing zone with loose gravel. Go ahead, take a look around, I dare you, terrifying beautiful.

Today's song of the day...No Way Back to Eden

They say that you gotta go, to know

That you wanna come home

There is no shame till you know

There’s right and wrong

We dipped ourselves in the river, but we never get clean, there's no way back to Eden from what I've seen