Was playing around with a metal detector around the chairs at the beach. Mary and I found about $3.00 in change.

We were walking past one of the stands where they rent the chairs, jet skis etc.

A young man was working in the stand and asked about the rider tattoo.  I explained what the Ride is about, and that we raise money to benefit children.

I noticed a change in his face, and he said his grandfather was a biker, and had worked with a charity group. He then told us his grandfather had recently passed away and had left him his Harley.

He explained through tears, that he had not been able to go to North Carolina to get the bike yet, and how close he and his grandfather had been.

This all occurred early in the morning, so no other people were around.

The "treasure " was being able to talk and relate to the young man. We both had a story to tell.

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