On Tuesday leaving the Bad Lands it was amazing. The sun was coming up over the sculptures. We get gas, no breakfast, no coffee, gotta go and get a rear tire. Me, Sheriff, Ronnie, Jonnie and Rick head off. About 7 miles down the road, the Sheriff pulls off. There's no coffee here, what the hell? We pull over turn off our bikes and he comes up to me, "call home"...every things OK... just call home. I'm one of the unplugged. I don't have a CB...and I don't want one. But this scared me. So I call Linda. Our daughter Katie had been in an accident. She wax OK, but that shook my world. On the side of the road in nowhere South Dakota, 5 guys prayed for Katie. And they prayed for me too, so I could keep my head straight, because we had 400 miles to ride. I know these guys on the road love me.

Brad and I were sitting in the hotel bar and a guy asks us what we miss from home. We look at each other and say, our dogs. My Marlee is a Chihuahua. She's a licker, and when I get home will shower me with unconditional love. She does it every single time I come home. The love of a pet is like no other, it is truly unconditional. And I miss that desperately. I know she loves me.

My grandson Brody is the light of my life. By the way. I have another grandchild coming in February!!! When he sees me he can't wait to get in Paco's arms. He runs at me and I fall down and he says" you OK Paco?" I say I'm OK... then he runs at his Dad and does the same thing. And then back to me, "you all right Paco?" I say I'm all right..and then back at Dad. I know Brody loves me.

On the Wednesday before we left, we were invited to the downtown Rotary meeting. Scott was talking about a recent visit to Arabella. He met a young girl there and he talked with her. She said, anyone can love a little baby, who's gonna love me?

That has stuck with me this whole ride. I want her to know, I love her, and there are 17 others out here that love her. And we are doing all we can to make a difference in THIS child's life.

Do you have any love to spare?

Today's song of the day...radios broke...I got nothing...

Brock out...