Yesterday Tuesday Aug 1st we said good bye to Alaska. 

Fairbanks, this time of year is a beautiful place, but decievingly so. In 2 months time this entire region will be placed in a severe deep freeze, the likes we in the sunny south can only imagine. The lady at the front desk is a retired US Postal employee. She says its not unusual for temps to get down to -45!

SAY WHHHHAAATT! (Ronnie Wilsons favorite thing to say)

The mail must be delivered, she said. Ok, I said walking away, thinking, these people are nuts for sure!

So if Alaskian Postal Employees are nuts, what does that make me and my Brothers out here riding to The Artic Circle and back? Afterall,

I think I got some of the same reactions from people when I would tell them what we were/are doing, but when I tell them why, they say, thats a great cause, raising money and awareness, ALL, to Make a Difference in One Child's Life.

Music is a very powerful thing, it can lift your spirit, it can comfort your Soul. John Michael Montgomery recorded such a song a few years back, The Little Girl, moves me to tears everytime I hear it. If you have never heard The Little Girl you should listen now.

Such are the Children we ride for. They are displaced from their homes, that for some reason or another their parents are not able to give" Kisses and Hugs Everyday".


A mama bear ferociously protects her cubs and a mama eagle teaches her young to fly. God's plan was that humans would follow his plan for the family modeled by the Holy Trinity, but somewhere along the way things have gotten off track.

People are people and enough said about that.

So right now I want you to stop whatever you are doing and listen to The Little Girl by John Michael Montgomery. And when your eyes are sufficently teared up or you are balling your eyes out, remember this is not fantasy or make believe, this really happens. First Law Enforcement is on scene, then the Social worker comes on scene, and instructs the child or children to place their belongings in a plastic garbage bag. 

I think of my own children and grandchildren, to be taken from home and put in a strange and unfamiliar place. How traumatic, how unloving!

There are 2 places in our town where these kids are treated with Love and Compassion. Arrabella House and Carpenter's Way Ranch. But they need our help please while you are reading this blog please make a donation, after all if we don't make a difference in one Childs life, who will?

Thank You

Mike Hamby

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