Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. We all know that one. The roads up here are tough. You never know what's next. If it changes color watch out, could be a dip, a pot hole that would swallow your bike, gravel, or even soft sand. You can't trust the road any farther than you can see. You sure can trust the Canadian department of transportation to warn you. When they put up a sign, they mean it.

You have to trust your mechanic. You have to know your wheels will not fly off. You have to know your bike is going to perform as expected.

For a ride like this you have to trust your planning. It is unforgiving up here. If we didn't have the chase vehicle this year we would have had big, big challenges that would have delayed us for days.

You have to trust your abilities. You have to know all the training (thank you Lt. Tim Wynn) and all the miles you have ridden have prepared you for whatever.

But what happens when you lose trust? When you lose trust, you lose a very important part of your ability to function. Think about how many people and times you trust in one single day. My grandson Brody trusts me explicitly. He doesn't understand gravity and how it works. When we go down the stairs, he holds my hand and takes three stairs at a time. But he knows I've got him. Country music is littered with lost trust. Lawyers all over make a fortune when a husband and wife "lose trust".

What happens when children lose trust? How do they get it back? It is a precious commodity, and once lost, can never be given again without serious thought. Been burned before? Are you just going to trust again?

I can imagine the children at Our House and Arabella have had some level of trust ripped away. And one of the most important things the staff has to do is rebuild that ability to trust. There will be no other progress or growth until they can trust again.

I know what I'm doing to help rebuild that trust. What can YOU do to help.

I trust you'll make the right decision.

Today's song of the day..."Life's a journey, not a destination" Amazing by Aerosmith.