Despite being tired, today's ride from Destruction Bay to Watson Lake was a good one. We had great weather and reasonable roads. There was some construction and that crazy mud hole detour but at least it wasn't raining this time. Plus some of the construction gave us the opportunity to stretch our legs and meet some new people while we waited for the pilot vehicle. Casey the Stop Girl was an amicable diversion from the ride.  She claimed to be paid the "big bucks" for holding her stop sign taped to a stick with which she expertly brought all traffic to a halt but then magically twirled the stick after 10 minutes time to reveal her next trick - slow.

Other than Casey the Stop Girl, we made several stops including Whitehorse and Johnson's Crossing. Lunch in Johnson's Crossing was equally enjoyable as last time but today we had a new waiter. I didn't catch his name but it was his second day on the job. He is 14 and going into the 9th grade which I found impressive considering his recent employment. He did a great job and was rewarded handsomely upon our exit.

I fancy myself a runner and put in about 25 miles a week when things are normal. The last couple weeks have been solidly outside normal for me. Scott Ressmeyer has been relentless about the ride miles so before today I have only been able to run once on this trip. We arrived in Watson Lake about 6:00 PM which gave me time to put in seven miles in some rolling hills and not anytime too soon. My legs were starting to hurt from lack of running while the rest of me is hurting from riding. Seven miles and I feel much better which I'm sure tomorrow will change since kickstands are up at 7:00 AM for a 550 mile ride to Fort St John, British Columbia.

Mike Hamby and I walked down to the Sign Post Forest at the edge of Watson Lake. I've never seen such a sight!  Thousands of signs from all over the world are on display. We found signs of all types from locations far and near but what was crazy was the Columbus, Georgia sign. Out of the thousands of signs, we walked right up to Columbus in the middle of the forest. What are the odds?

Good times, great people and unique experiences!

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