Any time you wiggle on your bike, it's scary. When anything or anyone wiggles on your bike, it's scary. When you are not in complete control, it's scary. We hit fresh gravel, the front tire goes one way while the back tire goes in a different direction. We crossed a five span bridge with metal grates. Same thing. At that point all you can do is maintain your balance and hold on for the ride.

I have a pair of shorts made out of denim. I call them shorts. Not my kids, they call them jorts. My daughter Katie found a picture on Facebook of a dude in jorts, a belly, a beer and some New Balance shoes. She said it was was not...message received, don't wear the jorts in public. And for the record I don't have any New Balance shoes. I think when you hit 60 you get a pair for free. Seriously, look next time, old dudes dig the New Balance look. I also have standard "Dad" jokes. When we sit down at a restaurant and the waitress says hi, my name is Betsy, I'll be your server....or later when they ask "do you want another beer"...I have standard replies that my entire family is rolling their eyes at right now. I tell you this because it makes me think of another old joke. It's about breakfast and the participants. The chicken is involved with breakfast, the pig is committed.

I'm committed to this effort. I'm committed to make a difference in one child's life. On these scary roads, every day I swing my leg over the seat, I'm committed. And there are 18 other guys that are all in as well. We have close to $400,000 in Harley's out here on roads not fit for a $7 Mule. We've lost countless head lights, shifters and other mechanical parts, because we are committed. We buy ride t shirts, we pay our own expenses, we donate, just to donate, because we are committed.

So if you want to be involved. Go to Columbus Tape and Video, buy a ride shirt or two. Go to Bricks and Minifigs in The Landings and buy a Miracle Rider minifig, or a ride shirt or two. How about stopping in your favorite beverage store and grabbing a six pack of Duster from Omaha Brewing, or even a local restaurant, where it's on draft.

But if you want to be committed, go to Chattahoochee Harley Davidson and buy a raffle ticket. At Bikes on Broadway on September 9 we will be giving away a 2017 Street Glide Special, you can see it there at the shop. Shoot, the first person that goes in there and buys two tickets I'll buy you two ride shirts. And if you do it before we return on August 11 who knows what might happen.

Answers: Hi, my name is Brian and I'll be your customer. Next when they ask if I want another beer I say...want, need whatever....

Today's song of the day...She Loves My Automobile...originally by ZZ Top, but I love Willie Nelson's version. Also go find Hank Williams Jr doing Jesus Just Left Chicago...



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