We prepared to leave from A&W in Grande Cache. Scott throttled up to pull away from the light and nothing happened. Perplexed, he throttled up again. Nothing. Then Brad pointed to his drive belt which had decided to become linear instead of the more useful circular shape. That was the end of the go for Scott's Harley for the day. The comedic entertainment that ensued kept several us amused as the group attempted to solve the problematic belt. About 45 minutes later Scott's Harley was in the trailer and Sheriff's dirt bike was out for the remaining 240 miles to Banff.

It was an amazing ride through Jasper National Park. The most picturesque of all the rides to this point. The mountains were starkly beautiful and the water throughout the park was every shade of blue and green from the glacialmelt. The curves and elevation changes were as breathtaking as the scenery.

What a day. What a ride.

Scott's Ride Fund