Well, the riders are back together again - at least, we're all in the same time zone. There was a hotel snafu, so we're in a couple of hotels an exit apart, but as far as I know, Scott got a belt from another Harley rider when the dealerships couldn't find the belt the other dealership shipped via Greyhound.

It's all a great story - or will be, in a year or two when the headaches are forgotten, and it becomes a "remember that time Scott's belt broke?" story. The group split in Calgary, with some of the guys going with Scott, and the rest headed for the hotel iin Bozeman. Traffic and other stuff led to another split, or two ... but we should all be able to pull out of the parking lot together tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the shortest mileage day of the Ride, at 255 miles planned. Of course, that was also the mileage for the trip from Fairbanks to Coldfoot, but I expect we'll have better roads, and probably better scenery, I think we're riding through Yellowstone and Beartooth pass - which is another one of those places I've read about, heard about, but never dreamed I'd get to ride my bike through.

All in all, a long day, with decent weather, and everyone arrived safe. 

James Leatherwood