San Antonio to Lubbock TX.  As we were leaving San Antonio I was thinking about the first time I was in San Antonio.   30 years ago this fall, I was at Ft. Sam Houston attending the U.S. Army combat medic course with my brothers and sisters in arms.  As an 18 year old “kid” I was trusted with saving lives.   After multiple deployments including combat zones, my Army career ended.  Now as we, my Miracle Rider brothers, are leaving San Antonio we are challenged with making a difference in one child’s life.  I’m not sure which is bigger responsibility.   We have witnessed the smile on so many kids on the road when they see us and we wave at them or give them a popper or take a picture with them.  We are strangers to each other for only a moment.  I am reminded of the kids back in our own community.  The babies in the NICU who are fighting a battle.   The girls at Girls Inc, the young men at Carpenters Way, the young ladies at Arabella House, the kids with juvenile diabetes, the kids with autism, the kids with cancer and so many others that are in the battle for their life, or to just fit in and make a friend.  We will never be able to walk in your shoes, but through the donations and the miles we are riding, hopefully that path is just a little bit easier to walk.  As an “older” kid (refusing to grow up, just more expensive toys) that challenge is not taken lightly just as it wasn’t 30 years ago.  Please take a moment and think of your past and smile when you are reminded when you made a difference to another.  That’s true happiness.  😃

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