.  Lubbock TX to Deming NM.  Look at it on the map.  It looks like a straight shot west.  Now look at it from Lubbock TX going through Amarillo Tx.   Who does that?   WE DO, it’s what we do.   Look at these pictures of the local weather, now add riding a motorcycle through that in the dark.  Are we crazy?   Yes, crazy about kids.   That’s what we are, heck most of us out here are just crazy kids ourselves with some wisdom. It was cold, wet, dark; and did I mention cold and wet?   Leaving at 6 am in the rain. What were we thinking?  We were on a mission to see a level III NICU with a dedicated air transport team.  Wow, we were like kids at Christmas time.   My roomie was leading the way, he had a plan, and was ready.  He was up early to do the news and excited to get on the road.  My first question to him was did you sleep at all last night.   That energy and excitement was contagious. First hour or so was miserable. Then after a gas stop, coffee and a biscuit (breakfast on the road, left before hotel was serving), the beginning of daylight with still a little rain, but we could see at least.  After a wonderful welcome to Northwest TX hospital in Amarillo we were able to get off the bikes.  Shaking cold and wet, we took pictures with the flight team and toured the hospital NICU.   Seeing those babies and the look on the riders faces   That’s what this ride is about.  We had all but forgot how cold and wet we were just an few minutes ago.   That was only temporary.  These babies will always be a premie.  Some less than 500 grams.  The size of a mans hand and fighting for life only to be hopeful of a chance to be riding a motorcycle in the cold and wet and dark.  We know the road ahead of us is going to be be a long one, so we saddle up again and ride away leaving the mark of miracle riders everywhere in that NICU.  It was a 16 hour day and longer for others.  Thank you to Ryan Chandler and all the staff at Northwestern Hospital for allowing us to visit your facility and the care you give to those babies.  That’s all for today.